What is included in the tape & film conversion process?

The following is what is included when your tape(s) or film(s) are being converted by our Media Conversion Services team:

  • The “heads & tails” or black/static spots in the beginning and at the end of video are removed.
  • Any black or static spots of more than 8 seconds are removed, throughout.
  • Any brightness and/or contrast variances are adjusted and corrected.
  • The video image size is fit to scale for a clean full screen view.
  • Audio is adjusted to the industry standard output level.
  • Audio and video is resynced to get the mouths to coincide with the words being spoken.
  • Video is captured at normal audio level and therefore requires a lot of equalizing, mastering and cutting of heads & tails.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to 1-888-FOREVER or e-mail support@forever.com.

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