About pixels2Pages™ Memberships & the pixels2Pages Website

About pixels2Pages™ Memberships:

  • Getting Started with Artisan 5 – Download a PDF with details of what is included in the Getting Started with Artisan 5 course.
  • Back2Basics for Artisan 4 – Download a PDF with details of what is included in the Back2Basics for Artisan 4 course.
  • Pixels2Pages Membership – Download a PDF with details of what is included in a pixels2Pages membership.
  • Focus on Historian Membership, for those who want to learn about photo organization and editing. (Focus on Historian can be purchased as a stand alone membership, or it is included in the full pixels2Pages membership.)
  • Join pixels2Pages – includes a description of all the membership packages offered.
  • Make the most of your Membership – Click for a handout with suggestions on getting the best value from your p2P membership.

About the pixels2Pages™ Website:

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