Using the Library on the Forever™ Android Mobile App

The library on your Forever™ mobile application allows you to see and organize the photos you have uploaded to your Forever account. It allows you to sort and filter your files by clicking in the upper right hand corner when you are in your Library.

Sort Files includes Newest Uploads, Oldest Uploads, Newest First and Oldest First.

Filter Files allows you to filter by “Not in Album”, “Not Tagged”, “Not in Album & Not Tagged”. You can then change back to seeing “All Files”. You can also filter by Year and Month. Once you have the filters you want chosen click “Apply” and you will only see the photos that the filter(s) you choose apply to.

Zoom: Another option that is available when you are in your Library and click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner is “Zoom”. This option allows you to zoom in on the photos so that the thumbnails for the Library view appear larger.

The Library view is also where you can select photos to add to an album or tag. Select the photo(s) you wish to add to an album or tag by holding down on the photo’s thumbnail image until it highlights green. Once it does you can then tap on any other photos you wish to select.

Once you have the photo(s) selected that you wish to add to an album or tag click in the upper right hand corner and select either “Add to an Album” or “Tag Items”. You will then choose the album or tag by clicking on the name of it. You can also create a new album or tag and add the photo to the newly created album or tag.

The other option below “Tag Items” is “Delete”. Selecting the delete option will delete the photo(s) permanently from your Forever account. You will receive a prompt asking if you are sure you wish to delete, by clicking “Yes” the photos will then be removed from your account.

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