Managing iOS Settings

To manage your iOS settings for the Forever™ mobile application click on the menu on the top left hand corner of the screen. These settings are set up so that you can turn them on or off depending on your needs.

You can also see how much storage you have available in your Forever™ Account underneath your username.

  •  Uploads - This will allow you to check the progress of your uploads.
  • Auto Sync - If your auto sync is turned off, only photos that you manually select will be uploaded to your account.
    • When Auto Sync is turned on, all new photos that you take will automatically be uploaded to Forever.
  • Cellular Data- When it is turned on, photos will upload using your data plan when you are not connected to Wi-fi.
    • When cellular data is tuned off your photos will only upload when you are connected to Wi-fi.
    • When you first log into the mobile app, please make sure your device cellular data is turned on. You can turn it back off within the app settings after logging in.
  • Back up this iPhone/ iPad – This will upload all of the photos that are currently on your iOS device.
    • You can also see how much available storage you have to perform the backup in this setting.
  • Notification Settings– This will allow you to turn on and off reminders that notify you when your upload is complete and it will remind you to upload.
  • Slideshow Speed – This setting will allow you to control how long each photo will display when viewing a slideshow. It starts at 3 seconds and can go as long as 10 seconds.
  • Help Center – This is where you can access and search help articles on all of our Products and Services related to the Forever mobile and web applications.
  • Send Feedback – This will allow you to email the Forever Support team with any issues, questions, or feedback that you have about the Forever mobile application.
  • Rate App – This will allow you to rate the application.
  • Log Out – This is how you log out of the mobile application.
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