Why Does My Book/Page Print/Canvas/Etc. have a white border on It?

If you receive a print product with any unwanted white borders, you’re not alone—this can be an unfortunately common problem in printing, and typically the error originates from a design issue in the Artisan® software.

You’ll notice that there are two dashed lines that make up your project template in the Artisan software program. The inner dashed line is referred to as the Trim line, the outer dashed line is the Bleed.

Most users of the program recognize that they need to extend their background design to the Trim line. This, after all, is the estimated line your project will be cut on during production, but that’s where the Bleed line also now comes into play.

Because items can shift in production, sometimes your print products will be cut slightly outside the Trim line. This means that if you haven’t extended your background image to the Bleed, there won’t be any part of your design to fit that extra space, resulting in a white border.

To make sure your design isn’t at risk of experiencing this issue, you can preview your project in the “All View” within the Artisan software program. To find the “All View”, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on View from the main menu navigation
  • Select All

If you’ve completed all of these steps in the program but still received a product with white borders, please email support@forever.com with the following information:

  • Order number
  • Photos of the printed product
  • Screenshots of the project in Artisan (in the All View)



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