Before You Hit Print: A Checklist for your Photo Projects

We know that you’ve put weeks, months, sometimes even years into creating your print projects. You’ve put your trust in Forever™ to produce your books and calendars, canvases and metal prints, etc. to the highest of standards, and we’re committed to meeting those expectations.

We’ve also put our trust in you and presume that the file you ultimately send is exactly what you want printed. We cannot correct any typos or edit your design once your order is placed and submitted to our printer, so we’ve compiled a list of things to consider to help you best prepare your project for printing.

Calibrating Your Monitor and Adjusting for Brightness

Making sure that your monitor is properly calibrated before submitting your order is a critical step to complete. Our printer does not do any auto-lightening or color-correcting of your files, so if you haven’t calibrated your monitor or adjusted the brightness, there’s a chance that the colors and photos that look bright and vibrant on your screen are, in actuality, very dark and variant in hue.

If you’re not sure that your monitor has been calibrated, go ahead and checkout the link below to learn how to do so:

Minding Your Margins

You’ve taken a look at how your project looks in the Trim View, but have you previewed it in the Page or All View? If not, you may want to take another look. If your intention is to have your design fill the entire page, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve extended that background paper and/or photo all the way to the outer dashed line—the Bleed line. Otherwise, you’re at risk for unwanted borders along the edges of your project if it’s cut ¼” outside the Trim line.

On the flip side, you’ll want to make sure that any vital photos, text, and/or design elements are at least ¼” inside the Trim line in case your project is instead cut a little shot.

Previewing Your Pages

So you previewed your pages as it was uploading from Artisan—perfect! However, that does not mean you can now skip taking a look at the preview once it’s online and sitting in your Forever Projects.

Though it doesn’t happen often, sometimes things can shift once everything has been converted to a PDF file. This is why it is crucial to take a look through at your uploaded project in the online Forever Projects preview within your Forever account to ensure that nothing shifted in the upload process. And who knows, maybe you’ll catch a typo you didn’t notice the first time around!

Once you’ve completed this process, you can feel confident that you’re ready to hit that order button and complete your purchase. We can’t wait to start printing your Forever memories!

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