I just purchased a pixels2Pages™ membership for the first time, now what?

Once you complete your purchase of either a monthly p2P membership or a yearly p2P membership through the Forever™ Store, you will then land on your order confirmation page listing your pixels2Pages™ membership purchase. Please click on the link that reads "Continue to pixels2Pages" then follow these steps:

  1. Go to your e-mail account for the e-mail address that is associated to the Forever account that you just purchased the p2P membership from.
  2. Look for the e-mail from Forever with your username and password for pixels2Pages.
  3. This auto-generated password you will be able to change, you can either log-in to pixels2Pages for the first time with the auto-generated password and then navigate to your "Profile" which will be located in the upper right hand corner on - https://www.pixels2pages.net OR you can click on "Lost your Password", enter in your e-mail address and then go back to your e-mail and find the New password e-mail and follow the prompts within the e-mail.

Also, as a new p2P member you will also receive an e-mail asking you to confirm being added to the p2P e-news subscription list. 

For more information on the pixels2Pages move to Forever please click HERE.

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