User Account Control error - Do you allow this app to update software?

There was a Microsoft update that was released that has been causing some troubles with the software programs. Users are getting the following message prompt from the User Account Control even if their Artisan® 5 software programs are up to date.



Please follow the directions below to get this issue resolved.

  1. Right click on Start and select Control Panel > Inside here click on Uninstall a Program
  2. Select Artisan 5 to Uninstall
  3. Right click on Start and select Control Panel
  4. Select User Accounts
  5. Select User Accounts once again
  6. Move the bar to the bottom that says Never Notify
  7. Install Artisan 5 Please log into your account to access the download
  8. Go back to your User Access Control and change it back to the level you feel comfortable

If you are still having trouble, contact Forever™ Customer Care by e-mailing or by calling 1-888-FOREVER (367-3837)

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