How will I know when my membership renews? Or if it’s expired?

First, log in to your Forever™ Account.

Then, go to Accounts > Order History > Recurring Payments. From there you can see which membership you have, the order number, the start date and renewal date, the amount you paid, and how and when you paid.

You can go straight to the p2P website from there (, and you can cancel your membership on the p2P website too. 

You may cancel payments on your membership at any time; however, your access to the website may be blocked.  If you think that you might want to do that, we strongly advise that you choose a monthly Pixels2Pages™ membership.  Try this membership for a month or so, and if you don’t like it, cancel payments and stop your membership from automatically renewing.

*Cancelling payments on a membership may block your access to all member-only content on the site.  If this happens, please email us at and include your p2P user name and the email address associated with your membership.

*There is no credit given for unused time on a membership!  Please choose your membership wisely, ask questions before you buy, and cancel payments close to the time that your membership is due to renew.

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