Where can I find information about my pixels2Pages™ membership status?

One place to check on your membership status is in the log in area of the pixels2Pages.net website:

You will see what your membership level is just under your name on the right side of the page.  You can change your password and/or edit your membership profile by clicking “Membership Details”.  If there is a line through a membership level, it means that membership has been cancelled for some reason.



If there is a problem with your membership, or if you want to know when it will be renewing, simply log in to your Forever™ Account.

Click on Accounts in the upper right hand corner > Click on Order History > Click on Recurring Payments.  From there you can see which membership you have, the order number, the start date and renewal date, the amount you paid, and how and when you paid.

You can also go straight to the p2P website from there, and you can cancel your membership on the p2P page too.


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