I have a pixels2Pages™ Monthly Membership, but I want to switch to a Yearly one. How do I do that?

The most important things for you to know are that you will be cancelling your current membership and purchasing a new one. Also, because you will be starting a new membership, you will no longer have access to Blueprints that are available to you currently. All that means is that you need to be up-to-date with your downloads (always a good plan!) and you need to have your Blueprints saved and backed up (another good plan!).

You must cancel your current monthly membership BEFORE you are able purchase a new yearly membership, to do so follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Forever.com account.
  • Go to Accounts in the upper right hand corner > Order History > Recurring Payments.
  • Cancel your current monthly membership, making note of the day it was due to renew.  That is when you will want to purchase your new annual membership.
  • On or around the time that your monthly membership was due to renew, purchase a new annual membership from the Forever store.

NOTE: If you have not purchased a membership in the Forever store yet, please contact info@pixels2Pages.net if you would like to make this switch. Your current membership MUST be cancelled first.

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