I have my Creative Memories activation codes, now how do I get them into Artisan®?

If you have your Creative Memories digital art kit activation codes you can get them added and activated in your Artisan® software. 

To do so, you will first use the Digital Art Kit Finder: 


Once you've downloaded the kit(s), then please follow these steps:

  1. Open Artisan
  2. Click on Import Content
  3. Then click on Commercial Art Kits
  4. Select the kit(s) from your Downloads tab

That will then import your CM kit(s) into Artisan. 

If you need any additional assistance please reach out to support@forever.com and we would be happy to help you further.

Please remember, you must already have your Creative Memories activation codes for this to work. If you are looking for your Creative Memories activation codes, you must either find those in your software or previous documentation.  If you are still able to access your Storybook Creator program, you can look in the "Content Manager" then select "Activation Codes"; all of your codes should be listed.  Unfortunately, Forever does not have access to any activation codes and/or files for Storybook Creator or Memory Manager.

For further information on switching from Storybook Creator to Artisan, pixels2Pages™ put together this great guide, click on the link to view the handout - CLICK HERE.

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