What is the Forever Guarantee Fund™?

As a Permanent Owner, all of the money you pay for permanent storage goes into the Forever Guarantee Fund™ (FGF).

The FGF is a carefully managed endowment-style fund that is designed to produce income and growth ahead of inflation over time. We target annual returns of 8-10% with only 4% being distributed every year to pay for the permanent storage and sharing of our Permanent Owners. There will certainly be volatility in investment returns, but this approach is a textbook way of ensuring a growing stream of cash indefinitely into the future.

Our conservative approach to both investing and distributions to pay for operations is one of the reasons we can guarantee the permanent storage and sharing of our Permanent Owner accounts for the lifetime of the owner, plus 100 years.

The FGF is one of the things that sets us apart from social networks, photo sharing sites, and temporary cloud storage services. It’s how we pay for permanence, security, and sharing features, and migrate your content to future digital formats.

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