How do I activate Storybook Creator and Memory Manager on my new computer?

Unfortunately the Creative Memories Storybook Creator and Memory Manager are no longer supported, nor can they be activated on new machines. While users can continue to use them on their current machines if they choose, we recommend moving to Forever's Artisan software (compatible with StoryBook Creator 4) and Forever's Historian™ software (compatible with Memory Manager 4). Both Forever applications are being regularly updated. Also, Artisan® has a number of features not available in StoryBook Creator.

To purchase the software, visit these pages:

Artisan 5 Full Version:

Historian 4:

Also, for further information on switching from Memory Manager to Historian, please check out this great guide put together by our pixels2Pages team - CLICK HERE.

Then, for further information on switching from Storybook Creator to Artisan, pixels2Pages™ also put together a great guide for that as well - CLICK HERE - to see it.

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