Does FOREVER write Exif data with photos that are downloaded from our site?

Metadata can also be referred to as exif data. Essentially, it's the data that is put into the digital file on your content.

  • People will call this information by many different names: photo information, Metadata, Exif data, or even by the particular item that they changed: File Name (Name), Description, Date Taken, Tags. 
  • The file downloaded is always exactly as it was uploaded. The old web app (prior to July 2017) used to write data back in, but it was an extremely time-consuming process.  Once complete and ready for client download, we would then e-mail the client a download link for that zip file.
  • Now, when a client downloads a photo or group of photos, a zip file may be created if the file size is large, but the download is sent straight to the client’s computer (usually in the “Downloads” folder).
  • We have had several requests to bring back the writing of updated Exif, but we do not want to degrade the user experience for those who do not want the Exif modified, or don’t care about the Exif data. We also need to keep in mind that this quicker process is more likely to result in a positive experience for clients with slow internet. We are exploring future features that may allow the user to choose whether or not to update Exif on download, but that would not likely happen for some time.
  • For right now, if a client wants the Exif modified, we recommend using a photo editing tool (such as Historian) that allows the user to edit and save that data into the files. Upon uploading to Forever, the data will be reflected in Forever.


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