How does Forever™ allow me to control privacy?

At Forever™, we are committed to giving you control of the privacy in your account. It’s up to you to decide who can see your content. To learn more about your Preservation Settings, please CLICK HERE.

Also, to learn more about what an Account Manager is and how to set them up, please check out our help article on Account Managers.

On a larger scale, Forever keeps your memories safe, secure, and totally within your control. Here’s how:

  • No data mining.   We are committed to an experience where you and your private information are not the product up for sale.  We will not sell or rent your personal information, disclose your information to third parties, or sell advertising against your content.  The information we collect about how you use our services is used solely to provide customer support, complete your requests and transactions, and to help us understand how to innovate and improve our services over time.
  • Our unique Guarantee Fund. You retain sole ownership of all of your content, and we will always give you the ability to download or delete content as you see fit.  We only access your content as needed to store and manage the files across our network of secure data centers, or to provide you with service and support. We will also do our very best to keep your memories secure, using industry-leading encryption and high quality storage at multiple data centers across geographically diverse locations. While no security measures are impenetrable, our service is designed to secure your content from unwanted access and preserve it through natural disasters, wars, terrorism, economic depressions, and other events that cause major disruptions in society.
  • Embracing evolving technology. We will migrate your content to new file formats over time, and provide modern applications to ensure that your memories can be enjoyed using the latest devices available decades – or even centuries – from now.
  • Preserving the original integrity of your memories. If you choose, we will preserve the original integrity of photos and other memories, rather than sacrificing quality to compress the files.
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