How do I transfer my Artisan® to a new computer?


The Artisan® program comes with two licenses, so you can either install it on two computers at the same time or you can move it from one computer to a new computer. You will also be able to move your content and projects to a new computer.

To do this, you will want to copy your project files and content (digital art kit) items to an external hard drive so that they can be moved from one computer to another. Make sure to back up your activation codes as well. 

To find the location of your content, if you go into your content manager and put your mouse over the top of the content you will find a location. You would want to browse your computer to the main folder that holds all of your content and copy this folder. This will copy all the contents inside of it. Then make sure to paste that folder into the drive for your plugged in external hard drive. 

Also, when you are in your content manager you will want to click on the activation code option at the top right side and click on the make a backup copy of activation codes. This will allow you to save the notepad document with all your activation codes for the content. It is recommended that you keep this list secure either on the external hard drive so that it is saved and will move over onto the new computer or you can e-mail it to yourself and then save it somewhere secure on the new computer. 

For your projects, you will need to locate where these items are being stored and copy that entire folder that holds all of that content and then paste the folder into the drive on your computer for the external hard drive. If you are not sure where your projects are stored, if you open one up and click on File and go down to Properties you will find this information.

Please take a look at our Artisan & Historian checklist as well to double check that you have everything when moving to a new computer - CLICK HERE.

Also, check out the pixels2Pages™ free guide for moving Artisan to a new computer by clicking - HERE.

If you have any further questions or need any additional assistance please e-mail us at

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