How to import content from Storybook Creator into Artisan® (NEW Computer)

If you are installing Artisan® on a NEW computer, please follow the directions below:


Copying Storybook Content to an external drive:

  1. You will need to copy your content and personal kits from the original computer to an external hard drive to be moved to the new computer.
  2. To do this, please browse your computer to the location of your content and personal art kits.
  3. For example: If the content is located in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Creative Memories Art Kits. You would browse to the C:\Users\Public\Documents and right click on Creative Memories Art Kits and select Copy.
  4. Now browse to the external hard drive and right click in here and select paste.
  5. Repeat the steps above for your Personal Art Kits.
  6. Also, please click on Make a Backup Copy of your Activation Codes. This will create a Notepad document for you to save onto your computer. Make sure you copy this file to an external hard drive as well. 


Transfer from the external hard drive to the new computer:

  1. Open the external hard drive on the new computer and select Copy to your folders.
  2. You will then want to go into your Documents folder to paste this folder onto the new computer.
  3. Once the folders are copied to the external hard drive, please plug the drive into the new computer.
  4. You will then want to browse to the external hard drive and right click on Creative Memories Art Kits and select Copy.
  5. Please open your Documents folder on your computer and then right click and select Paste.
  6. Please repeat the steps for any content folders you have.


Opening content in the Artisan program through the Content Manager:

  1. In Artisan 5 you can right click on Library and select Add Folder to Library. In the Artisan 4 you will see the link that says Add Folder to Library.
    • Please browse to the Documents folder to select your content folder to be added. You will need to add one folder at a time.
    • Please repeat adding of folder if you have multiple items.
  2. The last step is to enter in your activation codes. Please open from the external hard drive the Notepad document that you created from the older software and copy your activation codes.
  3. You will then click on Activation Codes within the Content Manager and select Add a New Activation Code.
  4. Please right click in the box and select paste. You will need to have one activation code per line (please also remove all the other data that is not used).


For further information on switching from Storybook Creator to Artisan, pixels2Pages™ put together this great guide, click on the link to view the handout - CLICK HERE.

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