How to use the Ambassador Search Tool


To find any ambassadors that are in your area you can go to - This link - and then you can search by city or state. 


The current functionality actually includes a primary radius of 0 to less than 21 miles. Where exactly the center of the radius exists is a by-product of geolocation and the amount of an address that is fed into the locator.  The rest is as follows - a minimum of $3,000 in personal sales in the last 12 months is required to qualify for the locator. This will produce a maximum of 7 search results that are elevated.*  

*If there are not 7 search results within the primary radius, then we expand the search to include a second radius of 21-less than 76 miles.  If we still do not have 7 search results, we expand the search again to include a tertiary radius of 76 - less than 750 miles.

Anyone can search by your first and last name and you will appear. 



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