How to open your Memory Manager vaults in Forever Historian™

You can bring your vaults with you when you upgrade from Memory Manager to Forever Historian™. We’ll show you how to make the transition without losing any of your existing vault settings – including categories, tags, star ratings, and so on.


Transferring your vaults

  1. After you have installed Forever Historian, open the program and click the Home ribbon. From there, click the Open another vault


  1. Search your computer for one of your existing Memory Manager vaults.
  2. Once you’ve found your vault, click it just once. Next, click the “Select Folder” button. You will find it on the bottom-right of the window.


  1. There you go! Your vault is now open in Historian. It should look and act just as it did when you last opened it in Memory Manager.
  2. Repeat this process for each one of your Memory Manager vaults.


Need help locating your existing Memory Manager vaults?

  1. Open Memory Manager, and click the Welcome
  2. In parentheses next to the title of your vault, you will see the vault’s “file path.” The file path indicates the location of your vault.


Also, for further information on switching from Memory Manager to Historian, please check out this great guide put together by our pixels2Pages™ team - CLICK HERE.

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