What version of Artisan® do I need if I am upgrading from Storybook Creator?

If you have the Storybook Creator software you will need to purchase the full version of Artisan® 5 rather than the upgrade version. The upgrade version is for users who had Artisan 4 already. You can also purchase Artisan 4 if you have a 32 bit computer.

To purchase the Artisan 5 full version (Compatible with 64 bit Windows computers) please go to - https://www.forever.com/products/artisan-5-software.

To purchase Artisan 4 (Compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows computers) please go to - https://www.forever.com/products/artisan-4-software

For further information on upgrading from Storybook Creator to Artisan, pixels2Pages™ put together this great guide, click on the link to view the handout - CLICK HERE.

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