Common Historian™ Error Messages and How to Resolve

Below is a list of fixes to the most common problems users may run into when using the Historian™  software. We hope you find this useful!


“Not a valid media vault”

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the exact location of your media vault. If you happen to come across this message, complete the following steps:

  1. Click “Open Another Vault” on the Welcome tab
  2. In the File Explorer window that pops up, type “manifest.vaultx” into the search bar--this will let you know where your vault is saved
  3. Browse to that location, highlight it once, and choose “Select Folder”

Please note that there might be a folder icon instead of a safe icon next to the name of your actual vault; if you are not sure you’re selecting the right item, double click the folder and see if you then see options for “Backup,” “Items,” etc. If this is the case, please go back to step 3 and select the folder once more and choose "Select Folder".


“Selected folder does not contain a shadow copy media vault”

This error message occurs when users incorrectly select the file location of their backup vault. You can search for the shadow copy by doing the following:

  1. Type “manifest.vaultx” into the File Explorer search bar
  2. Browse to the location provided and choose “Select Folder”

Or, you may be receiving this message if attempting to recover from your original media vault. In that event, please try going to “Open Another Vault” on the Welcome tab and repeating the above steps.

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