Why Are My Photos Not Uploading (iOS)

Unfortunately, a variety of different factors can sometimes prevent the Forever™ iOS app from successfully uploading photos from your phone into your account. Here are some tips that may help with getting your photos uploaded:

--Using an older version of the app prevents you from accessing all of the fixes the updates provide. Be sure to check to see if an update is available.

--Background app refresh must be enabled and turned on for Forever. It is found in iOS Settings
>General >Background App Refresh.

--Turning off Background App Refresh for other noncritical apps may increase the frequency for Forever.

--Photos will be uploaded in smaller sets, given the roughly 30 seconds the app is given to
perform its work.

  • Users with many new photos will see them upload progressively over time. It may take a day or
    so, but eventually they will upload.
  • Users with a sense of urgency for preserving their photos can always open the app and upload
    while the app is active, which will be much faster.
  • If Forever is closed by double tapping the home button and swiping up to close it, background
    app refresh will not execute until the app is launched again by the user. It is best to just leave
    the app running in the background.


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