Orange Triangles Appearing during Upload using Forever™ Valet

When uploading photos through Valet ( you could experience orange triangles appearing on some of your photos, the reasons for this could be:

  1. The file is unable to be found OR
  2. The network upload failed.

What we recommend to do is to let the upload go through and complete. Then when completed you can hover over the triangle in the upload queue, you should then get a message to help troubleshoot the cause (“click to retry” – will indicate an upload failure; “file not found” – will indicate that the file could not be found in your directory/folder and that you can remove that file from upload).

You can then click on the triangle for one of the photos - Valet will then attempt to re-upload all files that failed during the first fun. This re-try can be attempted multiple times until all photos are on your Forever account. 

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