Shadow Copy

A shadow copy is a back-up version that mirrors the vault you created in Historian™. To set up a shadow copy of your vault, you can complete these steps:

  1. Go to your Media Library inside your vault
  2. Select the Vault Ribbon toward the top
  3. Click “Shadow Copy” and complete the following prompts

You will want to have an external source to keep your shadow copy vault on—that way, if something were to happen to your computer, your backup is still protected. If your original vault is already on an external hard drive, then you’ll want your backup on a different one.

 To recover from a shadow copy, you can complete these steps here:

  1. Select "Recover a vault" from the Welcome tab in Historian
  2. Create a new folder on your desktop/external hard drive for your vault by selecting the three dots next to "New location for the recovered media vault" and select "Select Folder"
  3. Click on "Use a Shadow Copy" and browse to where your shadow copy is currently saved at
  4. Hit OK
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