Update vs. Upgrade

It’s easy to mix-up the terms update and upgrade; oftentimes, they are viewed as being interchangeable, when in reality there are stark contrasts between the two. The goal of this article is to help define those terms and explain the difference between them, especially in how they are used in regards to Forever software and mobile apps.

Updates are changes made to software and apps to modify and make them more current. These on-going smaller releases are (usually) free and include just minor feature updates and bug fixes. Regularly updating your Artisan, Historian, and/or mobile app will ensure that they are performing at their absolute best. You can always check to see if your desktop program is in need of an update by referencing the software check in the lower left of your Welcome screen. Check the Google Play Store or App Store to update your mobile app--you can always schedule these to update automatically in your phone’s settings.

Upgrades, on the other hand, include replacing a program with a new and improved version of the same product.  Typically, upgrades involve hardware and software feature enhancements, more-involved bug fixes, and overall advanced usability. Examples include upgrading from the Creative Memories Storybook Creator and Memory Manager to Forever’s Artisan and Historian, or transitioning from Artisan 4 to Artisan 5.

As a rule, though, always check the system requirements for an update or upgrade—sometimes, in order for software and apps to perform at their best, it may mean that the newer features will not function under older operating systems.

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