Will I be notified when you've received my box?

Yes, once your box arrives to our Green Bay facility and we begin the intake process of your order, an estimate will be generated and sent to your email address. In that initial email, we will be notifying you of one of three things;

  1. Your order is Pending Payment: Your order has been loaded into your Forever.com shopping cart and needs to be checked out.
  2. Your order is Pending: You have items currently pending in your Forever.com shopping cart that require checkout, before we are able to load and proceed with your media conversion.
  3. Your order is on its way to production: Your order has gone through the intake process and had no overages or your total overages (before tax) were less than $25.00, in which case, the fees have been processed to the credit card on file.

We may also ask for clarification on any questions that we may have regarding the digitizing of your precious memories.

Please be sure to add Media@Forever.com to your contacts in your email provider or check your Junk mail if you do not see any communication coming through to your inbox regarding your digitizing. If it does end up in your Junk mail, please mark it as safe and then any future e-mails will be delivered successfully to your inbox. 

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