Can I get my files placed on a DVD or flashdrive?

Yes, you can have them additionally stored on a DVD, flash drive, or external hard drive. The DVD is $14.99 each, a USB flash drive starts at $9.99 (larger jobs will require larger storage), while the external hard drive is based on total storage needed and varies in cost. 

  • Files? ... Film and video tapes can be stored on a DVD or a flash drive, or external hard drive. Files; such as photos, slides, album pages and negatives can be put onto a flash drive for $9.99 and up, or they can be put onto a data disk for $9.99 per disk. If you wish to have your images put onto a DVD, it will require a Slideshow. Slideshows are an additional cost, ranging from $39.99 to $99.99, depending on the number of images.

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