Uploading Projects from Artisan® to FOREVER®

Step 1: Open the project you would like to upload in Artisan® 5.

Step 2: Click Print project at FOREVER® Print Shop located in the top right hand corner.


Step 2: Choose the size of your book and then click Select. (If you choose Page Prints, you will be printing separate pages.)



Step 3: Choose Lay flat page or Standard pages and click Select.


Artisan® will start to generate the preview.


Step 4: Check the Warnings and if you are ready click Hide Warnings and continue.


Step 5: Click the checkbox for I understand and agree to the above statements and then click Continue.


Step 6: Log in with your FOREVER.com email and password.



Step 7: Next click OK to the pop up box that says Your order is being uploaded to the FOREVER® Print Shop.


Step 8: Click Go to the Print Shop.


This will take you to your Print Projects tab in your FOREVER® account.


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