How do I Create a Personal Art Kit?

A Personal Art Kit is a collection of elements, usually papers and embellishments, for use within Artisan® that are not sold in the FOREVER® Digital Art store.  These might be freebies, clipart, elements you have created yourself, or artwork purchased from other sites. Personal Art kits can include the file types .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .bmp.


To Create a Personal Art Kit:

  1. Note the location on your computer (folder) that contains the art you want to add to Artisan®.
  2. On the Welcome Screen, click on Manage Content from the Home Ribbon.
  3. In Content Manager, click on the “Create art kit” tool.
  4. In the “Create a new personal art kit” window:
    a.    Enter the name you want for your kit (in this example “Snowman Clipart”)
    b.    Choose the location for the kit. The location will be one of your Library folders.  If you have
            not created any Library folders of your own, choose Personal Art Kits.mceclip5.png
  5. Now your new art kit is created, open, and ready for you to add content. In this example, we will be adding Embellishments; Paper and Embellishments are the two most common types of content for a Personal Art kit.
  6. In the Workspace, click on the “Embellishment” tab.
  7. In the Content Ribbon, click the “Embellishment” tool.
  8. In the “Get Images” pop-up window, navigate to the location on your computer that contains the Embellishments you want to add. Select those Embellishments and click “Open."  NOTE: You may choose multiple files to insert together.
  9. The Embellishments are now in your Personal Art kit. Repeat steps 6 through 8 to add any Paper or other content to your art kit.  When all content is added to this kit, click the “x” next to the kit name to close the Art Kit.
  10. Once all content is added to your kit, it is now available for you to add to Categories or Tags in Content Manager.
  11. It is also available for you to use in your projects.
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