Why haven’t I received my e-mails?

If you have not received your welcome coupon e-mail or your referral coupon e-mail, this may mean that your e-mail provider is hard bouncing the e-mails from Forever®. Please try the following suggestions to stop the e-mails from being blocked:

  1. Check your spam folder and your spam setting within your Settings in your e-mail account. If you see an e-mail from Forever® within there, please mark it as not spam and move it to your inbox.
  2. Go to your safe sender/contact list and make sure to add forever@forever.comhello@forever.com and support@forever.com.
  3. Ensure that your e-mail inbox is not too full. When it is too full, e-mails will begin to bounce.
  4. Special exception is for Verizon e-mail users, please go to this link - http://www.verizon.net/whitelist.

If you still are not receiving e-mails after you make those updates, please use this link to re-subscribe: http://eepurl.com/c86RPv.

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