Artisan® 5 Update Now Available!


The latest update to Artisan® 5 was released on April 27th, 2020 and the new version number is 5.0.7416.33588.

With this update:

  • We fixed a bug that didn't allow the zoom tool on the 'Photos' ribbon to work properly.

Please Note:  It is important that you check the version number of your software after applying an update.  Occasionally, this process will not complete correctly, and users need to uninstall Artisan® 5, then reinstall the new version from their Download link. 

After downloading, installing, and verifying the update number, you will also need to restart your computer.

You will not lose any projects, content, content organization, or activation codes if you need to uninstall then reinstall. 

Please contact FOREVER® Support at 1-888-637-3837 or if you have any questions.  (pixels2Pages members can also go to and search for information on uninstalling and reinstalling.)


A previous update (released on April 8th, 2020) addressed the following:

  • Users can now access all photos in a FOREVER® Album from Artisan®, even if that Album has Video, PDF and/or Audio files.
  • Users can now share a project page from Artisan® to a Nested Album in their FOREVER® Account.
  • When viewing FOREVER® Nested Albums and Files in a Parent Album from Artisan®, users can now view the content of the Parent Album in sets of 50 items per page.
  • Users can now see the names of their FOREVER® Nested Albums when accessing those Albums from Artisan®.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented users from cropping their photos when they Right-click > Photo > Crop.
  • We fixed the “Not Responding State” when Users clicked the back (left) arrow.
  • We fixed two issues with the "photos not used" filter:
    • Photos Panel now updates correctly when users click and drag photos into a photo holder
    • Photos Panel now updates correctly when users remove a photo from a project page
  • We fixed the spelling of “Remembrance Day” on the list of Canadian Holidays in the “Events List.”
  • We fixed a bug in the Content Manager that prevented the ‘tag name’ from displaying on the right whenever the user dragged one or more elements to a ‘tag’ in the list on the left.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented users from creating an abstract for Creative Memories kits.
  • We added the ability to use the arrow key or CTRL+arrow key to move elements on a page.
  • We updated the view of the inside cover and page 1 of a photo book when users preview their order.
  • We updated the “Help Menu” to include links to the following:
    • FAQs
    • Getting Started Guide (p2P)
    • Searchable User Guide (currently “Help Contents”)
    • Forever Help Desk (takes users to the Artisan® page)
    • net
    • Settings (currently “Options”)
    • About Artisan® (currently “About”)


A previous update (released on September 25, 2019) addressed the following:

  • Fixes an issue where photos and/or content would sometimes display as Gray Shapes.

A previous update (released on January 28, 2019) addressed the following:

  • Fixed an issue some users experienced that displayed content on their pages as white boxes instead of photos and other elements (papers, embellishments, etc.).

A previous update (released on November 26, 2018) addressed the following:

  • Fixed an issue when importing old Creative Memories kits or opening projects containing those kits.

A previous update (released on November 6, 2018) addressed the following:

  • Corrected an issue with the Print Tray when uploading projects.
  •  Fixed the issue that displayed the error message “Index is outside the bounds of the array”.

A previous update (released June 6, 2018) addressed the following:

  • Fixes an issue that prohibited users from Sharing files to their FOREVER® accounts.
  • Fixes an issue that prohibited users from selecting photos from the Albums in their FOREVER® accounts.

A previous update (released June 4, 2018) addressed the following:

  • Fixes an issue found in select Templates & Overlays when a user changes the Fill.
  • Allows users to access all photos in their FOREVER® Album that also contains a Project file.

Both of these updates build on our recent performance-enhancement update that makes your Artisan® experience smoother overall.  Here are the changes you will see from that update:


We have completely re-written the Save process

Some of our users reported that Artisan® 5 was unsuccessful when they tried to Save their work.  After a thorough review, we decided to completely re-write the Save process.  Please be aware that, as a result of this change, the first time you save older Artisan® projects you may initially experience a longer Save time due to the conversion to the new format.  Also, once you save a project using this Artisan® 5 update, you will be unable to open it in earlier versions of the software. 


This new approach to Save enables us to keep just one original version of each photo in the Images Folder, and thus reduces the amount of total storage needed for the Artisan® Project.  Beware that if you delete this single instance of your original photo from your Images Folder, it will no longer display on any project page.

If you have not experienced issues with Save in the past, and you have a large project that is close to completion, you may want to finish it before installing the update. 


Edit-As-Copy Feature:

Now, when you edit a photo in your Photo Panel, Artisan® 5 creates a copy with the edits and leaves your original untouched.  That original can be used – and re-edited – on other pages again and again.  Want to crop a photo to focus on one person for a “birthday page?" Or change the photo to black and white for a cover?  You can do this and more while still maintaining the original photo in the project.  Just two things we want you to know:

  1. If you place the photo on a project page and then open the Image Editor, only the image on the project page will reflect the edits.
  2. If you right-click on the photo in the Photo Panel and choose “Edit using the image editor”, both the original and the edited photo will display in the Photo Panel after saving your changes – and the edited version will be at the end of the list.


We have improved the interface between Artisan® and FOREVER®.

The new interface now reflects the changes in your FOREVER Storage® Account.  Whenever you get photos from your FOREVER® Account, the Browse FOREVER® window displays the Albums and Tags the way YOU organized them in FOREVER®!  Specifically:

  1. When browsing by Albums you will see root albums and be able to navigate to nested albums.
  2. When browsing by Tags, they will be listed alphabetically for easier searching.


We have corrected the issue with spell check on a new Text Box.

If you have Warning Levels turned on, you will immediately see a Warning Triangle upon creation of any text box that has one or more words that are not in your dictionary.


Plus, we have addressed all these issues:

  • Corrected an issue when converting a Page Print to a Project of the same size.
  • Improved the preview of the project once it is in your FOREVER® Account.
  • Corrected an issue when a user closed Artisan 5 immediately after Saving a Project.
  • Corrected an error that occurred when changing the Style of a Line.
  • Updated the 2018 Holidays & Observances – US for Calendars.
  • Corrected an issue where the user was asked to re-save the project when clicking on the “Print at Forever® Print Shop” button without making changes to the Project.
  • Corrected an issue so that the system returns from the Image Editor to the selected photo in the Photo Panel.
  • System will convert the .artpage files to JPG files when pages are shared to your FOREVER® Account.
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed the 3D Edge and Soften Edge Filters so they work as expected.
  • Added a “Refresh thumbnail” tool in the shortcut menu on the Photo Panel.

Have questions? Check out the FAQs HERE.




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