New and Improved FOREVER Wish List!

How to use your Wish List to make shopping with FOREVER easier than ever!

You told us that you would like a simpler and more accessible Wish List in FOREVER. Well, here it is! You can now easily add products to your Wish List and sort through them later. See something you like but don’t want to purchase just yet? Add it to your Wish List and wait until you’re ready to buy (or until it’s on sale)! Never again spend time searching through pages of products to find something that caught your eye months ago. Try out your Wish List today!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. QUESTION: Where can I find my Wish List?


ANSWER: Your Wish List is more accessible than ever before! After logging into your FOREVER Account, just click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen. In the drop-down menu, you’ll find “Wish List” directly below “Order History” and above “Downloads.”


  1. QUESTION: What products can I add to my Wish List?


ANSWER: Currently, you can add media conversion boxes, digital art products, and FOREVER software (Artisan® and Historian™) to your Wish List.


  1. QUESTION: How do I add a product to my Wish List?


ANSWER: On the Product Page of any of the items listed above, you will see an “Add to Wish List” button directly below the “Add to Cart” button. When you click on it, that product will automatically be moved to your Wish List!


  1. QUESTION: If I add a product from my Wish List to my cart and check out, will that product be removed from my Wish List?


ANSWER: Yes. Items are removed from your Wish List once they are purchased. However, if you add a product from your Wish List to your cart but don’t check out, that product will remain in your Wish List until you check out.


  1. QUESTION: How are items in my Wish List organized?


ANSWER: All items in your Wish List are sorted alphabetically by product name. You can also use the Search Bar to find a specific item in your Wish List!


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