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How to Download and Install Digital Art Kits

I have my Creative Memories Activation Codes, now how do I get them into Artisan 5?

Art Kit download finder

How do I find my Activation Codes (for digital art)?

How do I create a Personal Art Kit?

How do I import Blueprints into Artisan® 5 Content Manager?

How do I add new fonts to Artisan® 5?

Help!  My content folder is grayed out and I can't access my content! 

I have downloaded some fancy fonts from the Internet.  Is there a way to add those to the fancy fonts section rather than having to add them to my embellishments in the content section?



Uploading projects from Artisan® 5 to FOREVER®

How do I get photos from my FOREVER® Account to an Artisan® 5 project?

Historian 4 is not recognizing an open project in Artisan® 5 so I can't share photos.




What is the current version of Artisan® 5, and how do I find what version I have?

Do I need to be online to use Artisan® 5 or can I use it when I'm not connected to the internet?

Can I install Artisan® 5 on more than one computer?

How do I use Artisan® 5 or Historian 4 on a Mac computer?

How do I know where my projects are located on my computer?

How do I know what size project I created?

Where do I find my Artisan® 5 Product Key (Activation Code)?

Why can't I see the two page spread option?

How can I find my activation code for Artisan® 4 if I bought the Artisan® 5 upgrade version?

Can I have Artisan® 4 and Artisan® 5 on my computer at the same time?

Moving Artisan® 5 to a new computer



The Anatomy of a Photo Book (2019)

FOREVER® and Print Excellence

Getting the Best Out of Your Printed Photos

Putting Ink to Paper:  From Pixels to Halftone Screens


How can I add pre-designed pages to my project in Artisan® 5?

How do I stop the Embedded Image from opening all the time?

Where did my elements panel / operations panel disappear to?

Why can't I see the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) I keep hearing about?

Why is there a yellow warning triangle on so many of my text boxes?










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