Moving Historian to a New Computer

  1. The first step you need to take before you move your Historian software to a new computer is to make a backup copy of your vault onto an external hard drive. This will allow you to transfer your vault to your new computer.
  2. To find the location of your vault so that you can make a copy, open Historian on your old computer so you can view the location of your vault from the Welcome screen. (The first screen you see when you open Historian). Typically, vaults are saved in this location for most Historian users: C:\Users\Public\DocumentsHistorian_New_Computer_Article_01.jpg
  3. Once you have located your vault, plug your external hard drive into your old computer and then browse to the location of your vault folder on your old computer. Once you locate your vault right click on the vault folder and click “Copy” and then browse to your external hard drive and click “Paste”.(Please note that pasting your vault could take several minutes depending on the size of your vault).
  4. Now that your vault has been copied to your external hard drive, you need to uninstall Historian from your old computer.

    To uninstall Historian on your old computer, go to your Windows Settings then choose Apps. Find Historian in your list of Apps and click the “Uninstall” button.

    Installing Historian on your New Computer

    5. Log into on your new computer and then click the menu in the top right-hand corner of the page and click “Downloads”.


6. .Locate your Historian software by using the search bar on the Downloads page.

7. You will see your Historian download and the activation code listed there.

8. Copy the activation code and then click the Download Button.

9. After the Historian4Setup file is downloaded to your computer follow the installation steps and then complete the activation.

10. If you get an error message stating that you have Historian installed on too many machines, email so a member of the Support team can help you complete the activation on your new machine.

11. Once Historian is activated on your new computer, plug the external hard drive into your new computer and browse to the vault file that you’ve copied to the external hard drive.

12. Right click on the vault file and choose “Copy” then browse to this location on your new computer C:\Users\Public\Documents and click “Paste”.

(Some Historian users prefer to keep their vaults on an external hard drive, and this is perfectly fine).

13. Now that your vault has been copied to your new computer, open Historian and from the Welcome screen click “Open Another Vault”.

14. Browse to the location of your vault and select the vault folder once and then choose “Select Folder”.

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