Installation Error 1303 - Installer has insuffient privileges to access this directory

Why am I receiving the following error message while I install my software program?


The reason this message is popping up is because the temporary file location is to full to complete the download process. Please follow the steps below to fix the issue.

1. Click on the Start Menu and Control Panel

2. Select Internet Options

   a. Select General Tab and click Delete


   b. Select ONLY Temporary Internet Files and Cookies (uncheck everything else)


   c. Click Delete

   d. Click OK

3. Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer)

   a. Right click on the C: Drive

      i. Select Properties

         1. Click Disk Cleanup


       2. Select Temporary Files

            a. Please note there are two temporary files in this selection, please select BOTH


         3. Click OK

         4. Click Delete Files

4. Close everything down and Restart Computer

5. Visit to download the software program

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