FOREVER Historian™ 6 Release Notes

FOREVER Historian™ 6 is the most advanced and powerful version of the Historian Software to date.  Some of the new features in Historian 6 include a new and improved Facial Recognition tool, updated presets for improving the look of your photos through Perfectly Clear®, and better communication between Historian and FOREVER.


Update to Historian 6 released on July 27, 2022:

  • Resolve a conflict for users who have both Historian 6 and Premier Shipping

Update to Historian 6 released on June 16, 2022:

  • Select multiple photos from iPhone to add to H6
  • Unable to view current day's images when using calendar
  • Error using facial recognition
  • Update color of text or background in Remove tags window when in dark mode
  • Update color of headline in News Feed when in dark mode
  • H6 importing camera file name, not updated file name from FOREVER
  • 'Invalid Class' error when creating a shadow copy
  • Users reporting that the "Full Backup" tool is only backing up cabinets in increments
  • "Backup" button in Full Backup process active on first attempt to create Full Backup
  • Stored/Not Stored in FOREVER filter
  • Remove Movie Maker and references
  • Print Tray - updated connection to FOREVER (no change visible to users)
  • Updated installation process (this improvement is helpful to the development team and there will be no change visible to users)

Update to Historian 6 released on May 3, 2022:

  • Fix bug that prevented users from uploading photo books to FOREVER.
  • Fix bug when adding a new Face Tag through the Item Properties panel.

Here is the detailed list of updates in Historian 6 (released on April 28, 2022):

  • New Activation Process - users only need to log in once.
  • New icons.
  • Changed the term from “Vault” to “Cabinet” to better represent the digital repository for the group of files stored in Historian 6.
  • Improved Facial Recognition tool.
  • Improved connection with your FOREVER Storage Account.
  • More powerful Auto Fix tool.
  • Ability to share photos with Artisan 6.
  • “Stored in FOREVER” designation for better visibility of files that are in your FOREVER Storage Account.
  • All new - DARK MODE!
  • Limited de-duplication when uploading files to FOREVER.
  • Improved the Historian Help message window that displays for a better user
  • experience.
  • Updated the Facebook Connector; users can download from Facebook only.  Facebook restricts sharing photos to their site.
  • Includes Time with Date on photos for improved file organization.
  • Ability to assign the same star rating to a group of photos in the Work Area
  • Ability to “ignore all” suggestions when running Facial Recognition on import.
  • Ability to “exclude all” suggestions when running Facial Recognition on import.  While still on the screen, users can also click the option a second time to “include all” if necessary.
  • Updated the Merge Cabinets process so that manually-added Tags are included in the merge.
  • No longer populating the Tell your story field with the filename during import.
  • Fixed a bug with the Preview image when importing from a scanner.
  • Flickr connection removed.
  • Ability to burn files to CD/DVD removed.
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